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Articles about the Books

Different Images - Different Words Define the Seasons

Four Seasons -- Agnolia was disappointed when Aunt Stephanie's email said ...
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Don't Blame Circumstance For A Lack of Success

Great Dames -- Saturday, when Sylvia Farnham stopped at The Coffee House, ...
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Fog Isn't So Awful If You Look At It Another Way

Before Life Hurries On -- Friday, Agnolia saw Claire Rathborn at the ...
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Follow a Dream & Make Money Cruising

Follow Your Heart -- When Ester Parady stopped at The Coffee House for an ...
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For The Holidays-Traditional But Different

500 Treasured Country Recipes -- Sunday, Agnolia stopped at The Coffee ...
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From Song of Insult To Song of Victory

America's Song -- Amy liked to stop at The Coffee House for an afternoon ...
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Having It All Can Give You A Stomachache

How We Behave at the Feast -- When Ezra Wagner sold his woodlot, it was the ...
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It Is Easier To Picture With Pictures

Barn Style Homes -- When Agnolia arrived at The Coffee House, she found ...
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It Started With A Talk Radio Guest

It Started With A Talk Radio Guest--- Mary Higgins Clark was one of Aunt ...
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It was Yankee Furgality, But for a Horse it Seemed Like a Barn

River Days -- Elwood was shocked and saddened when he learned Clyde Farley ...
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