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Different Images - Different Words Define the Seasons

Four Seasons --

Agnolia was disappointed when Aunt Stephanie's email said -

I have to cancel my plans to come east. The arthritis in my knees has gotten much worse. I'm now scheduled for a double knee replacement. I was looking forward to coming this spring and again this summer, but this year I'm going to miss seeing the New England hills change their colors with the seasons.

Agnolia was thinking of Aunt Stephanie when she stopped at the bookstore the next day. When Agnolia told the clerk, she was looking for a book to send to her Aunt Stephanie, the clerk enthusiastically replied -

I would recommend The Four Seasons of Mary Azarian. The book contains four essays, one for each season, and more than a hundred woodcuts done by the well know artist, Mary Azarian. Anyone who loves the beauty of New England and the changing seasons will enjoy the book.

As soon as Agnolia saw The Four Seasons of Mary Azarian, she knew Aunt Stephanie would like the book. When Agnolia saw the smoke rising from the chimneys on snow covered roofs, although it was a warm sunny day, Agnolia almost felt a chill. When she turned to the summer illustrations of fresh vegetables, hay drying in the fields and swimmers at a water hole, it seemed the chill lifted and Agnolia thought she could feel a warm breeze.

Grateful for the suggestion, Agnolia bought The Four Seasons of Mary Azarian and headed home.

Before sending The Four Seasons of Mary Azarian to Aunt Stephanie, Agnolia decided to look at the essays. In the Winter essay, she read:

there are really three seasons . . . preparing for winter, winter and recovering from winter . . . frosts are common in September and June, and an out-of-season storm can stifle the exuberance of October's red leaves and May's pink blossoms with limb-breaking dollops of heavy snow

Agnolia liked the words. The author, like the illustrator, knew the season and had captured their essence.

Next, Agnolia turned to the Spring essay and she read -

Spring has no real beginning. At first, it just borrows a day here and there, when winter takes a rest from months of snowing and freezing. Then, spring slips in and nudges roots and buds out of hibernation.

Agnolia reluctantly closed the book. She was glad she had purchased The Four Seasons of Mary Azarian. If Aunt Stephanie could not come to New England, the next best way to enjoy the seasons would be with the illustrations and words found in The Four Seasons of Mary Azarian.

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