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Articles about the Books

A Ride With Farms, Gardens & Mountain Views

Mountain Bike! Vermont -- Elwood decided that over the summer he would take ...
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All You Need To Know About Oxen & More

Oxen: A Teamsters Guide -- After Elwood finished speaking with Bradford ...
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Beans For All Seasons

Summer in a Jar -- Rachael and Agnolia were delighted when Pricilla stopped ...
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Better Understanding a Time & Place of the Past

FatherSoldierSon -- When she picked up the mail, Agnolia was delighted to ...
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Big Engines Don't All Look the Same

Trains and Trolleys -- When Elwood was five, his parents had given him a ...
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Blisters, Ramen Noodles & a Lot of Foot Steps

Trail Magic -- While browsing the SignedEditions.net web site, Agnolia ...
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Bug Fences & Banana Traps

Better Basics for the Home -- Before The Hill Top Farm Farm Stand opened ...
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Cider Helped to Win the Vote

Cider Hard and Sweet -- Each fall the twins, Lucy and Jacob, enjoyed ...
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Committed to the Cause - Disagreeing About the Outcome

Great Gulf -- Since most of her friends used e-mail, it was a rare pleasure ...
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Confident Unfakable Authority of Real Experience

Ax Book -- Shortly after he bought his first ax, Elwood's father gave him ...
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