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Follow a Dream & Make Money Cruising

Follow Your Heart --

Each of us has dreams and hopes, goals and aspirations, and each of us wants to live in such a way that we get satisfaction from communication and consumption of goods. This is our specific goal, but self-realization shouldn't be excluded from this list, https://buy-essays-now.com/ can prepare materials on this topic, thus we emphasize that we do something.

When Ester Parady stopped at The Coffee House for an espresso, Agnolia almost did not recognize her. Agnolia remembered Ester as looking depressed and stressed, but Saturday Ester seemed relaxed and happy. When Agnolia asked Ester how things were, Ester said, "Wonderful! I just got back from Florida. I have a new job. I'm going to be working on a cruise ship."

Ester had worked for the bank for as long as Agnolia could remember. The idea of Ester changing jobs seemed unthinkable. Besides, if Ester were on a cruise ship, who would play the organ at church every Sunday?

With a curious sense of disbelief, Agnolia said, "Why are you taking a job on a cruise ship?"

With more enthusiasm than Agnolia thought she was capable of, Ester replied -

Ever since I was a little kid, I have wanted to travel. Before Harry died we took a short cruise. I loved sitting on the deck looking at the stars miles from the light pollution of big cities and I never slept better. The rolling of the ocean and the slapping of waves were for me better than any sleeping pill.

Agnolia, who wondered what could have caused Ester to make such a dramatic change, said, "Why are you leaving the bank?"

Ester with undiminished enthusiasm said;

I'm following my dream. When I told Sara, my college roommate, how depressed I was about the idea spending the rest of my life sitting at the same desk working for the same bank, Sara suggested I read the book, Follow Your Heart: And Discover God's Dream for You. The next day I bought the book. It changed my life. The book is packed with examples of people who found their dream, changed their life and in many cases the lives of others. Martin Luther King articulated his dream and made a difference. Jan Karon feared she would be "an old hack in the back room" then found the courage to write and is now a best-selling author.

Pulling the cream-colored book, Follow Your Heart, from her bag, Ester handed the book to Agnolia and said;

If you read this it might change your life. When I read "following a dream is not easy" finding a way to do it became a challenge. I started thinking how can an accountant travel. I thought I might take a vacation on a cruise ship to think about what I would do. As I was reviewing some cruise ship brochures, I realized they had to have accountants on board. Big ships offer banking services. Now I have a great job in the bank and a second job playing the organ at Sunday worship services. I will be forever grateful Sara gave me Follow Your Heart.

I sail out of Miami the middle of next month. I promise to send you a postcard from our first port of call.

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