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Articles about the Books

Learn About Restoration & Renewal by Reusing

Same Ax Twice -- When Agnolia stopped at the bookstore for the new ...
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Lots of Trees—One With Leaves a Yard Long

Forever Green -- As the head forester at the Extension Office, Elwood ...
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Metamorphosis Explained, At Last!

Swampwalker's Journal -- Monday, Bob Bickworth called Elwood at the ...
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Mount the Head & Stuff the Hind Quarter

Quality Venison -- As Elwood pulled into the Extension Office parking lot, ...
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Pictures to Calm the Customers & Encourage Sales

Gardener's Alphabet -- Customers at The Hill Top Farm Farm Stand, like ...
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Preparing for a Chickadee to Land on a Hand!

Hand-feeding Backyard Birds -- Agnolia often said the only place the twins ...
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Save the Trees, Leave the Leaves & Skip the Mowing

Woodland Garden -- Saturday, when Elwood and Agnolia took a break from ...
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Saving Gas With a Computer

Telecommute! -- Sally announced at the Tiny Tots Moms' meeting that Tom was ...
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Saving the Words So We Don't Forget

We Had Each Other -- Sunday, when Elwood stopped to visit his parents, he ...
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Students & the Circus Traveled the same 13.88 Miles

Woodstock Railroad -- When Edward, the twins' grandfather, talked about ...
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