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Save the Trees, Leave the Leaves & Skip the Mowing

Woodland Garden --

It must be understood that the Woodland Garden is not only an opportunity to create a space for aesthetic pleasure, but also a useful eco initiative, the advantages of which can be read on academic writing services. That is, we speak for the competent involvement of resources: physical, economic, land.

Saturday, when Elwood and Agnolia took a break from raking leaves to share a pot of fresh brewed coffee, Elwood said, "I like our big trees and don't want to cut them down, but I don't like spending all day raking leaves."

Agnolia, who like Elwood, was tired of raking said; "Maybe we should turn the back of the yard into a woodland garden. Last week I was talking with Big Amy. She said they turned their back yard into a woodland garden. She said it is less work than a lawn, that the wooded area was a cool place for summer picnics and is a peaceful place for fall walks. I think I will give Big Amy a call and see what she thinks of the idea of turning our back yard into a woodland garden."

The next day Agnolia called Big Amy. She thought a woodland garden was a good idea, and said, "Since you have so many big beautiful deciduous trees and some cute little pines, all you will have to do is add some woodland plants like ferns, lady-slippers, witch hazel and ivy to make the area a lovely woodland garden." Big Amy ended the conversation by saying, "The first thing you should do is get the book, The Woodland Garden."

That afternoon Agnolia stopped at the bookstore and purchased The Woodland Garden.

As soon as Agnolia got home and opened the book, she saw two sections that were of particular interest, the "Ten Reasons for a Woodland Garden" and the section called "Maintaining the Woodland Garden."

When Agnolia read the ten reasons for a woodland garden, she knew there were more than enough reasons for them to turn their back yard into a woodland garden. In particular, reasons #5 - "a woodland garden isn't made from scratch. Part of it is already there. And not just any part but the biggest part: trees," #6 - it costs less than grass and flower beds; and #8 it can save energy by helping to keep the house cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Next, Agnolia turned to the chapter called "Maintaining the Woodland Garden." Agnolia knew that next fall they would be glad they had a woodland garden when she read, "This chapter is short for a reason: there's not much to say about maintaining a woodland garden. One of its delightful ironies is that so much garden - one with so many large plants and so much space - takes so little care."

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