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Eric Schultz

Eric Schultz
Educated at Brown and Harvard, Eric B. Schultz is the chairman of an information logistics company. Over the last decade, reconstructing the history of King Philip's War has taken him to sites, historical societies, and book archives all across New England.

King Philip's War
Michael Tougias
Eric Schultz
King Philip's War details the history and the lasting legacy of a brutal war that marked a crucial turning point in the battle for control of land in the New World. Both an in-depth history and a guide to the sites where the great ambushes, raids, and full-scale battles took place, it provides insight into a dark and formative period of America's past.

What the colonists learned from the Indian warriors in the swamps and woods of New England would prove invaluable in their own fight for freedom a hundred years later, and the colonists' retaliation for the war would become the model for how Americans would deal with Indians for the next three centuries.

"A superb study, their research and sources are outstanding and they write with a riveting narrative style." –Booklist

"Provides a fascinating compendium of history, myths, and mystery." –The Boston Globe

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