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100 Classic Hikes of the Northeast

100 Classic Hikes of the Northeast
Jared Gange
This book has been written for visitors and residents alike. It is a presentation of the best mountain hikes-the classics-of the northeastern United States. Residents of one area should find it useful for learning about their neighboring areas, in some cases just across a river or a lake. For tourists and newcomers to the region, this guide provides a balanced and thorough introduction to the exciting mountain hiking of the Northeast.

The area cover is Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and eastern New York state; the Hudson Highlands, the Catskills, and the Adirondacks. Although no high mountains are found here, this is a generally mountainous region with vertical differences in excess of 4,000'. New York and New Hampshire are represented with about thirty hikes each, Maine has about twenty, Vermont ten, and Massachusetts and Connecticut have five between them. The one hundred hikes described are on almost as many mountains. Four mountains-Washington, Katahdin, Mansfield and Jefferson-each have two classic routes. In addition to the one hundred featured hikes, about 35 hikes are briefly alluded to, either as a variation on a featured hike, or as a nearby hike of special interest.

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