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Where Does the Wild Goose Go?

Where Does the Wild Goose Go?
Willem Lange
Fifteen pithy, humorous, and heartwarming autobiographical pieces describe either trips Willem Lange has taken—to Alaska, France, Texas, and elsewhere—or, in a metaphorical sense, the long journey of his own life. As always, embedded unobtrusively within his tales, are profound ruminations on life and death, love, nature, and God.

“I have noticed how much my joy in people has run as a bright thread through the whole fabric of my life,” he explains. “The stories in this collection are about some of those people who in the last fifty years have brightened or darkened—but always enlarged—my life. They are my constant companions on the luminous little brooks of memory.”

A building and remodeling contractor living on a dead-end dirt road in Etna New Hampshire, Willem Lange writes a weekly column for several New England newspapers, is a regular commentator on Vermont Public Radio, a charter member of the Geriatric Adventure Society, and also the author of Tales From the Edge of the Woods, and Okay, Let's Try It Again.

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