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Woodstock Railroad, The

Woodstock Railroad, The
Edgar Mead
The Woodstock Railroad is a new updated edition of Over the Hills to Woodstock. This new edition contains new photographs and maps about the small Vermont railroad which was chartered in 1863. It was not until 1875 that the first train ran on the Woodstock RR between White River Junction and Woodstock, Vermont. Growth throughout the remainder of the 1800s continued into the early part of the 20th Century, but unfortunately, with the coming of the automobile, was short-lived. In 1933, the last trip on the Woodstock Railroad took place.

Although short in mileage and brief in time, the Woodstock Railway came as close to fulfilling the American dream of what a short line railroad should be. For 58 years, it worked at transporting everything from school children to circus trains, to the president's funeral train, and never a single passenger fatality in all that time!

To Read a Bit About the Book


To Read a Bit About the Book
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