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Concord & Claremont Railroad, The

Concord & Claremont Railroad, The
Edgar Mead
The Concord & Claremont Railroad describes in maps, pictures, drawings and text the history of one of the most scenic branches of the Boston & Maine. The book traces the history of the railroad from 1848, when the Concord & Claremont RR was chartered, to 1998 when only a portion of the rail line was maintained by LaValley Lumber Co and a section of the rail bed between Claremont and Newport, which contains two of the Town-Pratt lattice covered bridges, was developed as a popular recreational trail.

The book includes pictures and drawings of many of the engines that rode the Concord & Claremont RR including B&M No. 403 that "brought discoverers of Lake Sunapee to Newberry depot back in the Nineties," Diesel No. 18 that shoved "a nose plow to clear away 4-ft drifts after a 1969 snowfall," and "Manchester-built ten-wheeler No. 1975" that ended it's useful days when it jackknifed near Lake Sunapee.

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