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New Hampshire vs. Vermont: Sibling Rivalry Between the Twin States

New Hampshire vs. Vermont: Sibling Rivalry Between the Twin States
Lisa Rogak
Lisa Shaw
Editor and writer Lisa Shaw has gathered together diverse viewpoints about the twin states, New Hampshire and Vermont. Not surprisingly, she and her writers conclude that, although they are both in New England and look much the same, they are much more different than they are similar. One of the best quotes about New Hampshire comes from Robert Frost, who called both states home: "She's one of the two best states in the Union. Vermont's the other". Also included are viewpoints of Governor Howard Dean, novelist Chris Bohjalian, poet Donald Hall, Shaw herself, historian Ralph Nading Hill and more. The book is broken into six chapters, ranging from praise of one state and then the other to a chapter called "The Gloves Come Off." No holds are barred in these essays. "An Uneasy Truce" is the final chapter. Aside from opinions and grudges, lots of facts are to be found in these essays. For example, one of the differences between the states is the way their legislators are compensated. Vermont's legislators earn $400/week for each week they're in session. New Hampshire lawmakers fare far less well; they receive mileage, plus two hundred dollars every other year. Many essays discuss just such priorities. This is Williams Hill Publishing's first book, although Lisa Shaw has authored many books, including a Vermont travel guide. The book is well-organized, factual and full of humor. Most of the salient points of both states are included, except for one big plus for New Hampshire - the ocean. The book would appeal most to those who love one state or the other or those contemplating a move to Northern New England.
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