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Trains and Trolleys

Trains and Trolleys
Edgar Mead
In the introduction of Trains and Trolleys, the author writes, "My first attempts at railway photography were to record steam engines and street cars on lines soon to be abandoned. No artistry was possible with a Brownie box camera. Later on, during trips and visits with Johnny Krause, Phil Ronfor, Dick Kindig, Donald Robinson, and Phil Hastings, it was possible to learn about settings and the enlivening aspect of people. Guidance was also given by my artist daughter Mary Mead and architect Lew Bowman, all of whose help is acknowledged in this volume of photographs. This edition intends to provide a broad view of world rail lines. Greater depth was possible in my Stories of the Two Foot Gauge, Narrow Gauge to the HIlls and On the Three Foot Gauge. I freely admit to a love of travel, an obvious inheritance from my travel-loving parents and uncle. These are pictures most loved by the author, with no real philosophy other than pure pleasure."

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