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New England Wild Places: Journeys Through the Back Country

New England Wild Places: Journeys Through the Back Country
Michael Tougias
For those who love our region's woods, rivers and backcountry–armchair explorer and active outdoor enthusiast alike–New England Wild Places combines the engaging reading of a travelogue with the peculiarity of a guidebook.

Ranging from the Northern Forests of Maine to the wilds of Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts, veteran outdoorsman Michael Tougias entertains and informs while taking you on 14 fascinating journeys. He retraces the paths of Thoreau and other explorers, weaving in their history and adventures along with his own observations and encounters. And with his reverence for nature, Tougias adds another dimension to his journeys, making them adventures of the spirit as well as the senses.

"Readers will enjoy more than ever Tougias' continuing case of wanderlust. One of the distinctive features about a Tougias book is that it is written by a dreamer as well as a walker–makes ideal reading." –Springfield Union News

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