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Bulbs: Four Seasons of Beautiful Blooms

Bulbs: Four Seasons of Beautiful Blooms
Lewis Hill
Nancy Hill
With warmth, wit, and infectious enthusiasm, gardening experts Lewis and Nancy Hill share their practical, down-to-earth advice for growing a wide variety of bulbs every month of the year. As you learn the Hills' successful techniques, you will discover the joy of adding beauty and color to your home and garden with bulbs.
    Topics covered include:
  • Grow and enjoy both common and unusual bulbs
  • Combine bulbs, perennials, and annuals for nonstop color
  • Carpet lawns and shaded areas with naturalized bulbs
  • Plant and nourish healthy bulbs, corms, and tubers
  • Care for plants after blooming
  • Avoid, or combat, insect pests and diseases
  • Force bulbs for indoor enjoyment
A bulb-grower's year-round calendar and a variety of bulb charts offer at-a-glance reference.
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