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Successful Perennial Gardening : A Practical Guide

Successful Perennial Gardening : A Practical Guide
Lewis Hill
Nancy Hill
As a popular pastime, perennial gardening is regarded with equal parts admiration and apprehension. Admiration because the beauty of a perennial bed can be enjoyed for all time; and apprehension because the myriad plant varieties and their growing requirements can be daunting. Successful Perennial Gardening is the work of two gardening experts, Lewis and Nancy Hill, who bring the breadth of their experience to this subject, and have created a volume of enduring quality.

This is a user-friendly guide to the challenges and joys of perennial gardening--less than a botanical encyclopedia, but much more than a volume of garden or species descriptions. The authors' approach will resolve the quandaries of those new to perennials as well as meet the needs of the sophisticated horticulturist.

    Everything is here:
  • A complete section on perennial care and cultivation
  • 16 theme gardens
  • More than 150 species descriptions
  • Full-color photographs
  • Species illustrations
  • A glossary of gardening terms
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