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50 More Hikes in New Hampshire

50 More Hikes in New Hampshire
Ruth MacDougall
Few trail guides have been as praised, as loved, or as dog-eared as 50 More Hikes in New Hampshire.

The trails in this classic collection extend from the Massachusetts border to beyond the northern reaches of the White Mountains. They range from gentle nature walks to rugged peak climbs, from day hikes to extended backpacks. Every one of the 50 hikes in this fourth edition has been recently checked and updated by Daniel Doan's daughter, Ruth Doan MacDougall.

In addition to directions to the trailhead, topographical maps, and complete mile-by-mile hiking descriptions, the reader will find engaging commentary about the hike, including the natural and geographical features and the human history. The authors bring a lifetime of hiking the mountains of New Hampshire to provide a knowledgeable portrait of each trail that is personal, charming, and filled with gentle humor.

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