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Coast Road

Coast Road
Barbara Delinsky
When Jack McGill is awoken in the middle of the night by a phone call, his life turns upside-down. His ex-wife Rachel's car has tumbled over a guard rail near her home in Big Sur, and she is in a coma. He hurries to her side, more for their daughters' sake than for Rachel's, still not understanding why she left him six years before. But Samantha and Hope need him, and he is still their father. When he arrives at the hospital, he is met by Katherine, Rachel's best friend, who speaks for Rachel when Rachel can't.

Stepping back into family life, Jack has to deal with a withdrawn Hope, a belligerent Samantha, and a protective Katherine--all, while he faces a professional crisis back in San Francisco. In the hours that he sits by Rachel's bedside, he reminisces about their marriage, learns about the new Rachel from her daughters, her friends, and her art, and weighs his career against being part of the family again.

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