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Country Baking: Simple Home Baking with Wholesome Grains

Country Baking: Simple Home Baking with Wholesome Grains
Ken Haedrich
Bring the best of country fare to your table with Ken Haedrich's Country Baking. Fresh, whole-grain breads, light, fluffy biscuits, dazzling shortcakes, cobblers, and pies...Now Ken Haedrich brings you more than 250 exciting recipes that celebrate the harvests of the seasons and indulge today's tastes for lighter, more wholesome fare.

With Ken's easy-to-follow instructions, you and your family can dive into mouth-watering hot-cakes, big, brawny homemade pizzas, and heavenly turnovers spilling with fruit; enjoy irresistible treats such as logging road blackberry pie, Opal's favorite molasses cookies, and luscious low-fat chocolate tofu fudge pie; or make a meal of hearty asparagus and havarti quiche, green tomato mincemeat pie, or old-fashioned 3-grain crusted chicken pot pie.

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