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Rachel Bagby

Rachel Bagby
Rachel Bagby, J.D., is a vocal artist, writer, and composer. She has toured with Bobby McFerrin’s, Voicestra and has released two original composition recordings, Reach Across the Lines and Full. She has collaborated with many poets and artists, including Ysaye Barnwell, Robert Bly, and Jane Hirshfield. Ms Bagby is featured in the Emmy Award-winning documentary, Dialogues with Madwomen and runs her own production company, Outta the Box.

Divine Daughters
Rachel Bagby
An extraordinary vocal artist, storyteller, and performer, Rachel Bagby has something to say. She calls on mothers, daughters, and sisters everywhere to reclaim their own voices by living “an out-loud devotion to freedom”—singing, whispering, speaking –and to respect their essential passions along the way. Deeply rooted in her own life story, Divine Daughters is about the power of speech, the power of silence, the power of sound, and the power of storytelling.

In this unique and refreshing narrative, Rachel Bagby offers a powerful testament to the connection between self-expression, personal power, and restorative community. Divine Daughters reveals the relationship between the discovery and recovery of one’s peerless voice and the experience of daughters as divine. Drawing on the experiences of her own tumultuous life-including creative fervor, rape, homelessness, and then critical success-Bagby chronicles the reclamation of both her voice and her passion and challenges us to do the same. With poetic lyricism and great gift for storytelling, Bagby urges us to reap the empowering benefits that come from tapping into life’s wellspring of sound and song.

Bagby’s story is at times painfully honest about her own struggles to find her true voice in relationship with “Life Itself.” She reveals the power of voice with stories about courage and shame, forgiveness, infidelity, equality, and ecology. She asks us to articulate compassion every day and to amplify the daughterly divinity found in spiritual texts, legend, folktale, custom, and creation stories. Finally, she emphasized the importance of nurturing our daughter’s voices and charges women everywhere to create restorative communities that “consistently give voice to Life.”

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