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Jon Sykes

Jon Sykes

Jon Sykes has dedicated a better part of a decade exploring new and rediscovered territory in the western White Mountains, Maine and Vermont. Of the two hundred new routes that appear in this book, Jon has had a part in many of them. Why is it so important to discover new places and travel? After all, this is a great opportunity to explore many new places that captivate with their strangeness, integrity and beauty. If, like the author, you like to find new places and share them through videos, posts and books, you may need the help of a professional rewriting service to create context.

In fact, he has almost single-handedly developed whole areas with several supporting casts of characters. Many of his routes were accomplished rope solo from the ground up. It is largely due to his efforts that the climbing possibilities in the region have increased many fold. Cannon Cliff is no longer the sole destination for climbers - now there are whole new playgrounds of fun both on rock and ice! Jon is a strong advocate of minimalist bolting and ground up first ascents. He is passionate about the stewardship, sportsmanship and ethic of his climbing, blending the traditional with the new. His bolted routes are not sporty clip-ups, but rather they keep challenge and commitment in the mix. A Sykes route is a route of conscious craftsmanship.

Jon had done much to maintain the trails, leading to both new and old areas, and is a founding member of The Friends of Franconia Notch. This is an organization set up by local climbers to insure stewardship of the trails and crags of this region. Jon's leadership and passion for climbing has brought many of his friends on a fantastic adventure here in the White Mountains. This adventure is now open for all to enjoy. Thank you, Jon!

Jon lives and works as an independent climbing guide for Franconia New Hampshire.

Secrets of the Notch
Jon Sykes
A comprehensive climbing guide to Franconia Notch State Park of New Hampshire

Cannon Cliff, Artist's Bluff, Echo Crag,
Profile Cliff, Eagle Cliff, Indian Head,
Hound's Hump Ridge, and Lincoln Crags

    • 465 rock and ice routes
    • Over 200 new routes
    • Over 100 photos and maps

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