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Kenneth Sheldon

Kenneth Sheldon

Kenneth M. Sheldon was the West Coast bureau chief for Byte Magazine before becoming a freelance author and journalist. While at Byte, he assisted with the start-up of BIX, a pioneering online service. His work has been featured in magazines, radio, television, and online.

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The Code is his first novel.

Code, The
Kenneth Sheldon
It is the largest online service in the world. It has millions of members. It has unlimited features. And it's all free.

What's the hitch? That's what Randall McLagan wants to know, especially when his best friend--a popular columnist for PC Monthly magazine--falls to his death from the Golden Gate Bridge. Determined to find out why, McLagan follows a trail of computer crime, stock market intrigue, and violent murder--a trail that eventually brings him face to face with the sinister force behind...The Code.

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