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Paul Sachs

Paul Sachs
In 1983, when Paul founded North Country Organics, he decided it was important to learn something about the soil if he was going to sell natural fertilizers. However, as time went on, the objective changed from an obligatory curiosity to a quest of passion. As the information accumulated, Paul began to see metaphoric similarities between the soil system and all other terrestrial dynamics including the social and economic structures established by human civilization. He decided that many analogies from the soil such as competition, growth, adaptation and symbiosis could be applied to all of life’s relationships, including running a successful business.

After only two years of study, Paul became known as a source of good information for people involved in organic crop production or land care. Requests for articles and seminar appearances began to increase. As time passed, his knowledge about natural soil systems began to encumber his work (i.e. selling natural land care supplies) because so much time was being spent on consultation. In 1991, Paul began work on Edaphos to help diffuse the tremendous amount of valuable information out to the people who need it the most. This work represents almost ten years of his research on the subject of soil system dynamics.

Edaphos: Dynamics of a Natural Soil System
Paul Sachs
Finally, a book that explains the detailed inter-relationships the soil has with the earth’s environment in terms that anyone can understand. Edaphos shows how critically we as humans are linked to our entire ecosystem and how our reverence or apathy for the soil that sustains us affects our future as a civilization.
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