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Gail Braman

Gail Braman
Life has its way of just happening but if anyone had told Gail years ago that she would be running a golf course in rural Vermont, she would have said ridiculous this experience was so far removed from her reality.

Despite growing up in affluent Westchester County, New York, Gail worked her way through undergraduate and graduate schools to become the first family member to attain a college degree and have a professional career as a teacher and high school guidance counselor.

However, when Gail's husband retired, she told him that she did not want him home for lunch! Thus begins this unusual story. Their lifestyle changed dramatically. Although no stranger to hard work, nothing could have prepared them for the outrageous people in general and golfers in particular they met during their nine year adventure in the north country.

Gail presently enjoys an active lifestyle which includes swimming and walking daily but tries to balance this with other more intellectual and reflective pursuits such as reading, writing, attending theatre and concerts.

For more information and book reviews, check out Ms. Braman's Home Page at http://members.aol.com/gwbwriter

Balls!: Confessions of a Rural Golf Course Owner
Gail Braman
When the author tells her retired husband that she does not want him home for lunch, he buys a golf course! Thus begins this non golfer's true story of uprooted suburbanites adjusting to the rural north country as golf course owners and learn what really happens behind the scenes through humorous vignettes and anecdotes Anyone young or old who has ever harbored dreams of changing lifestyles; suburbanites, urbanites or business executives who want to try country living; and those who have wondered what it might be like to own a golf course, will find this a humorous account of such an adventure. As a keen observer of human nature, the outrageous behavior of people in general and golfers in particular will fascinate and embarrass at the same time. Dealing with the public in a service business is difficult in itself but gets compounded when husbands and wives work together. There is a delicate dance they do that can sorely test the bonds of love and loyalty. Different styles emerge and can conflict with personal relationships. It is almost impossible to keep personal and business separate. Gender conflicts arise yet the husband and wife team must present a united front to the public. Although they were bombarded by so many issues on a daily basis, the mere stress of physically keeping up their grueling eighteen hour days was paramount to surviving this business. What two people brought to this unlikely business was a conventional middle class background and what they were faced with was decisions about alligators, llamas, hunters and more! They certainly got more than they bargained for! Nor was there any preparation for this - except on the job training . In retrospect people can look for opportunities and never find them and others can create them and adapt accordingly. They were in the latter category and as a result were tested and stretched beyond measure; yet ultimately enriched by the experience.
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