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Steven Glazier

Steven Glazier
Editor Steven Glazer serves as the coordinator of the Valley Quest program. The author of The Heart of Learning, Steven lives with his wife, Stacey, and daughters Kayla and Emma in Thetfor Center, Vermont.

Valley Quest - 89 Treasure Hunts in the Upper Valley
Steven Glazier
This Collection of 89 treasure hunts across Vermont and New Hampshire is the perfect gift for children and adults of all ages. If you like exploration and adventure, you will love Valley Quest.

Follow Valley Quest clues and maps to find the favorite places of children and adults from across the Upper Valley—places like Velvet Rocks, Glen Falls, Dunbar Hill Cemetery, and the Jonathan Wyman Sawmill.

At the end of each Quest you will find—perhaps secreted in a stone wall or hollow tree—a treasure box containing a sign-in guest book and a handmade rubber stamp. Collect the impressions of 20 different stamps and earn a colorful Valley Quest patch.

Whether you are a visitor to this region or a life-long resident, Valley Quest is your ticket to adventure, and will help you discover and learn about the landscape, and heritage we share.

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