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Judy Peterson

Judy Peterson
Directly and indirectly involved in two of my own companies, a label company my husband and I had for twenty-three years, and a Christmas ornament company. Was creator/founder of the ornament company, Mill Falls Studio, and very involved until it was sold six years after its' founding. A highlight was the "Bing Crosby Special Edition" ornament, which was presented to Kathryn Crosby in a unique ceremony in New York City. Personally collaborated with her in its development. Worked on special promotions across the country, with radio tie-ins.

For twelve years, served on the Trustee Board of the Stony Brook School on Long Island and was also a member of the development committee for 15 years.

In addition to a business background, have enjoyed writing and wrote a book, Something On Your Own, published in 1991 by Victor Books. Did speaking, seminars, and radio and television appearances also across the country to talk about the topic of women finding meaningful work. Recently completed another book, Follow Your Heart and Discover God's Dream for You. An outgrowth of my first book, which was published by Chariot Victor Publishing in January 2001.

I am married, with two grown married children. I plan to continue to do writing and speaking on the subject of women finding a dream that can use their God-given talents and provide a worthwhile service to others. Locally I have been a keynote speaker at the Gordon College (in Wenham, MA) conference for women, and have presented workshops at the college for its students. Presented a special seminar at Congress in Boston, MA, a conference for women's groups in the area. Plan to make the topic of assisting women in following their dreams my life-work activity and focus.

Follow Your Heart: And Discover God's Dream for You
Judy Peterson
Filled with stories of real women, Follow Your Heart helps readers take practical steps in identifying the person God called them to be and make real progress in achieving their dreams. Going beyond the typical inspirational title, this book encourages women to discover their uniqueness and calling, helps women find balance in their lives, assists women in resolving issues of purpose and work, and gives practical steps for achieving God-given dreams.

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