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Lea Newman

Lea Newman
Lea Newman taught college English for more than twenty-five years. She is now retired and lives in Bennington, Vermont.

Robert Frost: The People, Places, and Stories Behind His New England Poetry
Lea Newman
Lea Newman is able to make her reader's introduction to a major American poet easy, fun and memorable in Robert Frost: The People, Places And Stories Behind His New England Poetry. Newman's concise and informative essays accompany each of thirty-six of Frost's early New England poems including his "The Road Not Taken"; "Mending Wall"; "The Death Of The Hired Man"; and "Birches". Biographical information and his own commentaries provides insights into what Frost was doing and thinking when he wrote each poem. Newman's format of combining essay and poetry enables the reader to experience Frost's poetry with a fresh appreciation and insight. Robert Frost is "must" reading for anyone who every thrilled to this great man's poetic genius and enduring wisdom.
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