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Jim Dodge

Jim Dodge
Jim Dodge gained attention when he became the pastry chef at the Stanford Court Hotel in San Francisco in 1978. His desserts have been featured in nearly every major food magazine in the United States, and he was named to Food & Wine magazine's Honor Roll of Outstanding American Chefs. He conducts baking seminars and cooking schools around the country.

Baking with Jim Dodge
Jim Dodge
Home-baked delights should be a simple indulgence. But sometimes the idea of baking at home seems daunting and time consuming. Welcome back to the kitchen! Baking with Jim Dodge put our favorite warm and delicious homemade treats back within reach. Inspired by a passion for American baking, Dodge make it easier than ever to once again enjoy the pleasure of home baking. He begins with the basics - fresh ingredients full of the clearest flavors. To Jim Dodge this means ripe seasonal fruit, excellent chocolates, and subtle seasonings. Without the mask of heavy sweetening, these raw materials naturally produce the most wonderful results.

And here in this collection, there's a little bit of something for everyone. What could be more cozy than a warm and bubbly Peach and Cherry Cobbler or Blueberry Pie? Chocolate fiends will find comfort in Dodge's Chocolate Angel Food Cake with Hot Fudge and Toasted Hazelnuts, one (or both!) of his two brownies, Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream, or Chocolate Cream Pie. To sweeten the morning try Raspberry Turnovers, Almond and Orange Muffins, or Buckwheat-Apple Pancakes.

Of course, the entire collection has been throughly tested and is clearly written with the home cook in mind so the recipes are almost as enjoyable to prepare as they are to eat. This is contemporary American baking at its finest-pure and simple - thanks to Jim Dodge.

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