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Judith Russell

Judith Russell
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We Had Each Other
Judith Russell
At the turn of the twentieth century; Lyme, New Hampshire, was a community of farming families living by the procession of seasons, each making its own considerable demands on every member of the family, and, in most years, yielding the expected rewards: enough produce and income to keep the operation afloat for another year.

Then came the automobile, paved roads, electricity, the telephone, centralized schooling. How Lyme's families kept pace with these changes is difficult to glean from the town's official records, but one-to-one, across a kitchen table or at a grange meeting, the fascinating personal histories of Lyme's citizens have always been told.

In the 200th anniversary year of a library in Lyme, a group of citizens set out to record the stories of about two dozen of Lyme's elders who agreed to share their view of early-to-mid-twentieth century history - personal, local and national. The resulting volume is really the gift of these generous and loquacious citizens to future generations, not just those in Lyme, but also in the region: a record of history experienced first-hand by individuals with a story to tell, and, thankfully, an inclination to tell it.

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