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Joyce & Roger Wolkomir

Joyce & Roger Wolkomir
Joyce Rogers Wolkomir and Richard Wolkomir write for periodicals such as Smithsonian and Discover. They are former editors with Scholastic Magazines and McGraw-Hill respectively.

Junkyard Bandicoots & Other Tales of the World's Endangered Species
Joyce & Roger Wolkomir
Get to know the world’s endangered animals
and what people are doing to save them...

One minute you’re visiting with saucer-eyed golden-lion tamarin monkeys in their treetop homes in the jungles of Brazil,. Next thing you know, you’re at the North Pole where, through a hole in the ice, you listen to the eerie, beautiful song of the bowhead whales. From China’s Gobi desert to the wilderness of northern Minnesota, this book takes you on an amazing journey around the world to meet over thirty endangered species.

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