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Robert Gillmore

Robert Gillmore
Robert Gillmore discovered his love of landscape history and design in the 1980's and formed Robert Gillmore & Associates, Landscape Consulting, Contracting & Design. He is also the author of a series of "Great Walks" guides to "the best walks in the world," with six books already in print and several more on the way. When he's not busy helping others with their gardens, Mr Gillmore tends to his own woodland garden, evergreens, at his home in Goffstown, New Hampshire.

Woodland Garden, The
Robert Gillmore
These words from a Navajo prayer embody the magical world of a woodland garden. More than just a flower bed at your feet, a woodland garden surrounds you with its magnificence, shutting out society and enveloping you in the tranquility of uninterrupted nature. If you have as little as one-quarter acre of land and a handful of trees, your can immerse yourself in the splendor of a woodland garden.

In this elegant book, landscape designer Robert Gillmore teaches you how to create a woodland garden with the help of step-by-step instructions and illustrations. He also takes you on a tour of the greatest woodland gardens across the country—including his own Evergreen—and entices your senses with the help of more than 150 gorgeous full-color photographs, offering these works of art as inspirations for your own creations. No element of the garden is left unexplained:

  • Planting the perfect shrubs, ground covers, and flowers to add color and texture to the deep green foliage of your woodland
  • Arranging and building paths and ramps to guide visitors through your garden, highlighting focal points
  • Choosing elements such as sculpture and furniture that complement rather than interrupt the garden space
  • Creating privacy through the use of berms
  • Adding pools, waterfalls, and other water features to bring your garden to life and give it another dimension
  • And many other tips for creating the perfect woodland garden

To Read a Bit About the Book

Beauty All Around You: How to Create Large Private Low-Maintenance Gardens, Even on Small Lots
Robert Gillmore
Have you ever dreamed of living on your own estate? A place so big and so private that you can’t see your neighbors’ houses—only your own land? A home surrounded by lavish gardens that stretch as far as you can see?

Properties like that usually require dozens of acres of land and services of one or more full-time gardeners—two reasons why they’re typically the privilege of the rich.

But creative landscaping can give even a less-than-one-acre lot the privacy and the large, lush gardens usually found only on much bigger properties. And once established, those gardens can be maintained in less time and for less money than most people spend just tending their lawn.

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