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Christopher Leggett

Christopher Leggett
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Tracks & Trails
Christopher Leggett
Tracks and Trails is for cross-country skiers with curious minds and wandering souls - skiers itching for adventures. The Northeast is teeming with spectacular touring centers, each boasting its own point of pride. Tracks and Trails features over 200 Nordic ski areas, with more than 50 selected for in depth review.

The authors visited each place themselves, strapping on their skis, and seeking out the most intriguing trails, noteworthy amenities, and unusual bits of history that make each area unique. The result is a truly distinctive cross-country ski guide that will appeal to all skiers - from beginners to experts. Lively, detailed descriptions combine with comprehensive trail maps; together they provide a coherent and entertaining overview of each touring center. Read the book, and let their wit and wisdom enlighten, surprise, and amuse you.

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