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Risa Mornis

Risa Mornis
Risa Mornis is the founder, past editor, and publisher of The Village Herbalist, an alternative resource for New England. Risa owns and operates Elda Mor Herbs, in Reading, Vermont. At Elda Mor Herbs patrons can purchase a variety of locally grown and prepared herb products. In her first book, An Herbal Feast, Risa shares with readers the interesting herb-based recipes she has shared with her own family.

An Herbal Feast
Risa Mornis
An Herbal Feast brings together the favorite recipes of herbalists throughout the world including Susan Wee, Rosemary Gladstar, Mary Bove, and nearly 80 others. Enriched with herbal lore and delightful illustrations, the recipes feature both wild and cultivated herbs in delectable and healthful soups, salads, breads, main dishes, desserts, and beverages--an incomparable introduction to the healing and culinary benefits of herbs, either growing wild in your own backyard or purchased at the grocery store.
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