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Sally Dubats

Sally Dubats
Sally Dubats is a solitary witch choosing to practice and learn about a variety of "Craft" traditions which uphold the spiritual principles found in many religions.

Natural Magick: The Essential Witch's Grimoire
Sally Dubats
Everyone's How-To Book Of Practical Magic

Welcome to the sacred world of witchcraft, where earth's natural materials become instruments for healing, bringing forth love and wealth, divining the past, present, and future, and much more. This complete guide to Wiccan practices and principles provides fascinating, in-depth information about the types of tools and elements used by modern witches in their daily lives, as well as the traditional meaning behind a variety of magical rites.

    You'll discover:
  • Instructions for using candles, elixirs, jewelry, stones, crystals, oils and incense to achieve a desired effect for you or someone else
  • How a simple pendulum can tap into your unconscious mind
  • Astonishing insights and meditations which will bring you closer to personal empowerment
  • The benefits of using herbs, from relieving headaches to creating prosperity
  • Plus, a cross-referenced, encyclopedic listing of 100 herbs and plants and 70 stones and crystals
Comprehensive and enchanting, Natural Magick is perfect for practicing witches as well as everyone interested in folklore, alternative healing and the natural wisdom of the ages.

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