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Richard Laporte

Richard Laporte
Richard LaPorte lives in Newport, New Hampshire. But in the course of a long career as a bush pilot, he spent a lot of time in the skies over northern Canada and Alaska. He’s retired now, but he recounts his experiences in his book, The Adventures of a Bush Pilot. He talks about memorable moments from his long career—including a 5000-mile trip to Alaska—and the challenges of making a living in this dangerous profession.

Adventures of a Bush Pilot, The
Richard Laporte
A series of short stories about the life of a bold and daring bush pilot that flew against the challenges of the North. The book begins with the hazards of the pilot's younger days as he grows up to realize his boyhood dreams of wanting to fly and takes you briefly through some of his childhood experiences to give you an idea of what shaped his character and how he learned to fly.
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