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Michael Daley

Michael Daley
Michael J. Daley teaches kids of all ages about solar energy. He travels throughout New England with a hands-on energy science museum that features models of wind, water, and solar power, including a solar electric train!

He lives with his wife, Jessie Haas, in a small house they built themselves in the woods of Westminster West, Vermont. The house has solar electricity and is partially heated by a greenhouse.

At Home with the Sun: Solar Energy for Young Scientists
Michael Daley
Yes! You really can cook mini-pizzas with sunshine, right in your own backyard or schoolyard. And did you know, you can use the energy from the sun to make hot water for baths, electricity for lights, and heat for homes, day or night, rain or shine?

Find out how in At Home with the Sun. Become your own solar scientist with projects like:

  • How much sunshine do you eat?
  • Build a simple solar water heater.
  • Design solar powered toys.
  • Learn about a mini-solar power plant you can own.
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