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April Frost

April Frost
April Frost is an animal behaviorist and Reiki master. April has more than thirty-five years' experience working with dogs and horses, and her talent has earned her national recognition both as a trainer and as a handler at the highest levels of competition in the U.S. and Canada. April has many classes, and workshops at her Hearthside Animal Center in Cornish, New Hampshire, that are immensely popular. Her training video, April Frost: Training that Works for Your Dog, has sold more than 100,000 copies.

Beyond Obedience
April Frost
Beyond Obedience is a revolutionary new training program for you and your dog from one of our country's foremost animal advocates and holistic practitioners. The idea that your canine companion is a fully emotional being and acutely sensitive to your changing feelings and moods is the foundation of April Frost's original and highly effective training program.

One of the most difficult aspects of training your dog is communicating your intentions clearly. Beyond Obedience is the first book that works on the way you communicate with your dog, providing you with the necessary tools to truly understand how your dog's mind works and, therefore, how you can create an effective and mutually satisfying relationship.

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