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Nancy Cummings

Nancy Cummings
When Anne & Nan first met, they discovered they had the same kind of "flypaper" minds, a shared insatiable curiosity about everything under the sun, a history of work in the human services and a love of mail. Both being working mothers, it came to them that writing a question-and-answer column might be the perfect way to earn a little extra on the side.

Their first column was published in the Sunday edition of the Rutland (VT) Herald. And the rest is history. Anne and Nan have now been writing their newspaper column for sixteen years.

Clean It, Fix It, Find It
Anne Adams
Nancy Cummings
Anne & Nan are firm believers in the use it up, wear it out, make it do,or do without philosophy. As far as cleaning goes, we try to avoid commercially packaged or bottled cleansers as much as possible. Toothpaste, denture cleaner, tomato paste, baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, table salt, borax and dishwasher detergent are among our favorites.

Anne and Nan have been answering readers questions for 16 years. In this, their third book, they tell you how to:

  • Find old-fashioned potions
  • Remove spots and stains
  • Banish odors
  • Stop the itch of insect bites

  • Keep pie crusts from getting soggy
  • Polish silver easily
  • Cure leg cramps
  • Solve 101 other household problems

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