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Deborah Pace

Deborah Pace
Deborah L. Pace was once a runaway pregnant teen with dismal prospects for the future. At age 28, married and the mother of three children, she enrolled in college. Four years later she graduated with highest honors. She then established and operated a successful desktop publishing business before heeding the call to write a book that would encourage other teenage mothers to overcome the obstacles associated with early parenthood.

Been There . . . Teenage Moms Who Beat the Odds
Deborah Pace
Been There...Teenage Moms Who Beat the Odds delivers both a disturbing reality check that details the hardships associated with teen motherhood and a compelling source of encouragement for young mothers who are losing hope for the future. These poignant, true stories illustrate what it’s like to have your dreams kicked out from underneath you. They also demonstrate the indomitable human spirit that makes it possible to overcome obstacles and achieve new goals. The central message is one of hope for readers who are struggling to beat the odds.
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