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Francis Gilman

Francis Gilman
Francis Gilman is Extension Agricultural Engineer Emeritus with UNH Cooperative Extension and is retired after serving 20 years as an agricultural engineer. Francis is known throughout the northeast for his practical approach to rehabilitating structures. He was willing to give of his time to assist in writing and providing technical details for this booklet.

Preserving Old Barns
John Porter
Francis Gilman

Today’s rapidly advancing changes in technology bring constant updating and replacement of the equipment and buildings we use in agriculture. Old barns are being abandoned to make way for structures that are better adapted to today’s methods. While such barns are not always regarded as commercially functional, there is renewed interest in preserving these venerable structures. Their unique architecture plays a crucial part in maintaining the scenery anc character of rural New Hampshire. Old barns embody much of the history of agriculture and society as that history has evolved from colonial times.

Interest in barn preservation involves an appreciation of the beauty and history that agricultural structures contribute to the countryside. Many of New England’s characteristic vistas are created by historic farmsteads nestled by the wayside with majestic, weathered barns, symbolic of days gone by. Along with various outbuildings, barns were essential parts of the farm unit in meeting the needs of rural life. Barn preservation requires the owner to appreciate the aesthetic and historical value of the structure and to make a commitment to maintain its structural integrity...

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