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William Morse

William Morse
"There are, perhaps, a few other sharp Yankees in their nineties whose memories are impressive and who write well and with a sense of humor. Bill Morse stands alone, however, with his particular mix of rural Yankee heritage, boyhood summers atop Mount Moosilauke, careers as a surveyor and logging boss, and colorful characters encountered.

"In the course of his writing, he chronicles many changes of the twentieth century. The boy who turned eleven on Moosilauke in 1915 and whose winter home was a farm in the valley below regarded automobiles,telephones, and electric power as novelties. Eighty years later the same boy again stood on the summit, gazing out across the vastness and remembering; traveler and eyewitness on the long road from the nineteenth century to the twenty-first."

- Jack Noon

Mix of Years, A
William Morse
This book continues the 93-year journey through the North Country first begun in A Country Life--colorfully, humorously, and with a good dose of Yankee wisdom - a book that all ages can enjoy.

Easy-to-read type with 140 illustrations and maps.

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