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Nathaniel Tripp

Nathaniel Tripp
Nathaniel Tripp has written about meteorology for a number of publications. A part-time farmer, he has also written and produced television projects about science, nature, and technology. Mr. Tripp, who was born in New York City, now lives with his wife, the writer Reeve Lindbergh, and five children in northern Vermont, where he works as a television producer, writer, and part-time farmer.

Nathaniel Tripp
The farmer working in the field could sense it. So could the fox that watched him from a distance and the hawk that flew hundreds of feet above the farm. Each of them could feel a big storm coming.

With elegant prose that is as evocative as it is informative, Nathaniel Tripp describes all the large and small changes that take place in the atmosphere when different weather fronts move. Such changes warn humans and animals alike of explosive forces. Juan Wijngaard's powerful illustrations build in intensity as the storm does, showing how the quiet farmland is transformed by the awesome forces of rain, wind, and lightning.

Young readers will be enthralled as they see what happens when masses of hot and cold air meet and produce nature's most spectacular sound and light show.


Father, Soldier, Son: Memoir of a Platoon Leader in Vietnam
Nathaniel Tripp
The first duty of an infantry officer is the care of his men, but Nathaniel Tripp grew up fatherless in a house run by women. He arrived in Vietnam as a just-promoted second lieutenant in the summer of 1968 with no memory of a man's example to guide and sustain him. The father missing from Tripp's life had gone off to war as well; in the Navy in World War II, the terrors were too much for him: he disgraced himself, and after the war ended he could not bring himself to return to his wife and young son.

Tripp's men were often in combat in the jungles along Highway 13 during the bloodiest year of the war, but it was responsibility, not the enemy, that Tripp feared most. How Tripp learned to face both, to become the father he had barely known, to support and sustain the men in his care, are the subjects of this engrossing memoir of one man's year in America's longest, saddest war.

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