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Rebecca Rupp

Rebecca Rupp
Rebecca Rupp holds a Ph.D. in biology. Rupp received wide acclaim for her first two nature books Red Oaks & Black Birches and Blue Corn & Square Tomatoes. Rupp lives in Shaftsbury, Vermont, with her husband and three sons, whom she home schools.

Everything You Never Learned about Birds
Rebecca Rupp
    Do You Know:

  • That each flight feather has one million parts?
  • That birds from different areas have different "accents"?
  • How far, high, and fast birds fly?
  • That in winter, owls freeze and store their catch for future use?
  • Which came first--the chicken or the egg?
Birds is packed with amazing bird facts, legends, stories, and fun! Learn to make a quill pen, bird food and feeders, a gourd birdhouse, even a bird's nest.
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