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Giro Patalano

Giro Patalano
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Behind the Iron Horse: The People Who Made the Trains Run in the Bellows Falls, Vermont, Area
Giro Patalano
Behind the Iron Horse is a remarkable document. In his cogent memoir of some four decades of work for a succession of New England railroads radiating from the important regional transportation hub of Bellows Falls, Vermont, Giro R. Patalano has vividly captured a lost era. Beginning in 1941 as a freight brakeman with the Boston &Maine Railroad, Mr. Patalano became a part of that brawny and absolutely crucial industry when it was still a few years away from its unfortunate decline; rails still commanded freight and passenger conveyance all over the nation, with invisible threads interwoven into all segments of the social fabric.
David Haward Bain
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