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Tracy Chevalier

Tracy Chevalier
Raised in Washington, D.C., Tracy Chevalier moved to England in 1984, and earned her Master of Arts in creative writing from the University of East Anglia in 1994. Her first novel, The Virgin Blue, was chosen by W. H. Smith for its Fresh Talent in 1997. She lives in London with her husband and son.

Girl With a Pearl Earring
Tracy Chevalier
In seventeenth-century Delft, there's a strict social order--rich and poor, Catholic and Protestant, master and servant--and all know their place. When Griet becomes a maid in the household of the painter Johannes Vermeer, she thinks she knows her role: housework, laundry, and the care of his six children. She even feels able to handle his shrewd mother-in-law; his restless, sensual wife; and their jealous servant. What no one expects is that Griet's quiet manner, quick perceptions, and fascination with her master's paintings will draw her inexorably into his world. Their growing intimacy sparks whispers; and when Vermeer paints her wearing his wife's pearl earrings, the gossip escalates into a full-blown scandal that irrevocably changes Griet's life.

Written with the precision and focus of an Old Master painting, Girl With a Pearl Earring is a vivid portrait of colorful seventeenth-century Delft, as well as the hauntingly poignant story of one young girl's rite of passage.

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