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Betsy Oppenneer

Betsy Oppenneer
Betsy Oppenneer's love of baking began when she was twelve years old and working in a bakery in her hometown of Cleveland, Georgia. Since that time baking and cooking have become her true passion. She travels around the country teaching classes and sharing her love of food.

She is the author of Betsy's Breads and The Bread Book, and producer of two videos on bread baking, "Perfect Bread: How to Conquer Bread Baking" and "Perfect Bread: Fun with Creative Shapes." Betsy currently writes a bi-monthly food-oriented newsletter, "From Betsy's Kitchen." She lives in New Hampshire with her husband, Keith, and their two long-haired dachshunds, Clyde and Traudl.

Breads from Betsy's Kitchen
Betsy Oppenneer
With a healthy serving of information about utensils, ingredients, and techniques, Breads from Betsy's Kitchen puts you at ease. In her informative and easy-to-read style, Betsy take you through the fundamental steps of bread baking--from prepping ingredients to serving and storing finished loaves.

Each recipe provides new bakers with the opportunity to master their skills, while giving expert bakers a chance to try something different and refreshing. Breads from Betsy's Kitchen is a perfect addition to any baker's library.

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