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Rosemary Fifield

Rosemary Fifield
Rosemary Fifield is the Education Director at the Co-op Food Stores in Hanover and Lebanon, New Hampshire. The Co-op Food Store is one of America's oldest consumer cooperatives, customer-owned and operated since 1936 and has over the years maintained a commitment to locally grown and produced natural products.

Prior to joining the Co-op, Rosemary has worked for twenty-two years as a medical technologist, and for ten years ran a vegetable and flower farm with her husband, a certified organic grower now specializing in culinary herbs and baked goods. The Fifields live in Thetford, Vermont.

Co-op Cookbook: Delicious & Healthy Meals in Less Than Thirty Minutes
Rosemary Fifield
No time for homemade? That's no longer a problem. With The Co-op Cookbook: Delicious and Healthy Meals in Less Than Half an Hour on hand the question "What's for supper?" becomes music to the ears of any cook.

Now you can prepare delicious, nutritious meals for your family every night of the week using fresh produce and wholesome ingredients.The Co-op Cookbook includes 100 main-dish recipes, tested and enjoyed by shoppers at the Co-op Food Stores in Hanover and Lebanon, New Hampshire, as part of the What's for Supper" program initiated by Rosemary Fifield in 1994.

This book provides:

  • Tips for planning ahead
  • Hints on using your kitchen more efficiently
  • Directions for preparing and using fresh ingredients
  • Ideas for substituting ingredients, including seasonal produce and grains
  • An introduction to the principles of cooperative ownership

Rosemary's recipes borrow from the world's favorite traditional cuisines, and features Italian, Asian, and Mexican influences. The recipes are adapted to please even fussy eaters. All the recipes use familiar, easy-to-find ingredients. Best of all, these scrumptious main-dish recipes can be prepared in half an hour!

To Read a Bit About the Book
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