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Claude Dern

Claude Dern
Claude Dern, one of that now rare breed who can call themselves a real Vermonter, grew up in Dorset, Vermont at the end of a dirt road. He played on the small hill farms and woodlands that were so common in 1950's New England. He has remained in Vermont, making his living as a landowner, logger and land surveyor. He is the founder of Aurora Publishing, which prints and markets One a Night Mysteries: Dern's own collection of mystery stories, each only ten pages long and set in a different Vermont village.

Beartown Radius
Claude Dern
Beartown Radius is a first person account of a bear cub growing up in beartown. This story is about a lifelong forest resident who views the world by peeking out from between the trees. Through the passage of time and increased self-confidence, the surrounding world becomes larger and more exciting. Bear with him as he relates these many one-of-a-kind experiences, which sometimes result in a chuckle.
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