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Drew Conroy

Drew Conroy
Andrew "Drew" Conroy has trained and worked oxen since the age of thirteen. As a junior in college he wrote his first book, The Oxen Handbook. Drew and his oxen regularly compete at New England fairs and field days. They have been featured in numerous magazine articles, and appeared in two films, The Crucible and In Search of the Oregon Trail. Drew is passionate about sharing his expertise and ideas on training oxen.

Drew is a frequent guest instructor at Tillers International and his advice is frequently sought by 4-H groups, museums, hobby ox trainers, and international audiences. His recent adventures with oxen have taken him to Africa four times, where his Ph.D. degree has led him to work with the Masai of Tanzania collecting data on their adoption of oxen technology. Drew teaches Dairy Science at the Thompson School of Applied Science, University of New Hampshire, Durham. He is a prolific writer on the subject of oxen, and is a regular contributor to Rural Heritage magazine. Drew raises cattle and trains oxen at Oxwood Farm in Berwick, Maine, where he lives with his wife, Janet, and son, Ross.

Oxen: A Teamsters Guide
Drew Conroy
Drew Conroy has written the definitive guide to training and working oxen in this handbook, which both documents traditional methods and poses suggestions for future innovations.
    This Teamsters Guide shows how to:
  • Select the ideal team
  • Properly feed and house your oxen
  • Train calves and mature cattle
  • Correctly fit a yoke and bows
  • Deal with the problem team
  • Keep your oxen healthy, with well-trimmed feet
  • Use your oxen for farming and logging
  • Enter your team in competitions and public events

To Read a Bit About the Book
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