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Neal Clark

Neal Clark
Neal Clark's first book, Eastern Birds of Prey, covered major raptors found east of the Mississippi River. He also writes for 20 publications, including the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, New England Outdoors, Bird Watcher's Digest, New Age Journal, and the Monadnock Ledger. Clark, who has a degree in Environmental Conservation from the University of New Hampshire, lives in Hancock, N.H., where he currently is Resident Naturalist at the Harris Center for Conservation Education.

Eastern Birds of Prey: A Guide to the Private Lives of Eastern Raptors
Neal Clark
Have you ever been fascinated by the distant soaring flight of a hawk or eagle, or been awakened by the mysterious cry of an owl, and wanted to learn more about these captivating, but very shy, species? Now you can, with Eastern Birds of Prey.

Covering all major raptors found east of the Mississippi River (including eagles, hawks, owls, vultures, and kites), here is a book that not only aids in field identification, but details the whole life cycle of each species.

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